Worship: Not just the songs we sing, but is a reflection of a vibrant lifestyle that glorifies God through prayer and the giving of our time, treasures and talents.

Connect: An authentic body of believers that genuinely meets the spiritual and physical needs of one another.

Grow: A clear and intentional process where people of all ages are growing together to reach their maximum potential in Christ through the preaching and teaching of His Word.

Serve: People are empowered and committed to using their God given gifts and talents in order to passionately serve in advancing the Kingdom of God.

Reach: Where spirit-filled believers are mobilized to intentionally build unbiased, compassionate, personal relationships in order to reach people of Christ.

Our Mission


Loving God Completely

Loving People Unconditionally

Serving the World Wholeheartedly


LOVING RELATIONSHIPS We are intentional about connecting with one another to develop and nurture relationships

EMBRACING CULTURAL DIVERSITY Where all cultures, races, and ethnicities come together to worship and fellowship to build up the body of Christ.

INSPIRING WORSHIP We embrace the presence of God through song, praise and a vibrant lifestyle.

OUTWARD FOCUSED We actively share in Christ's mission to reach those outside the church both locally and abroad.

NEXT GENERATION FOCUSED The church of tomorrow being influenced today.

GIVING IS A PRIVILEGE We faithfully honor God with all that we have; our finances, time and charitable giving.

EMPOWERING LEADERSHIP Investing time to equip and train future leaders.

GET INVOLVED We are committed to serve one another through our God given gifts and talents.

SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES We hold each other accountable to mature in the faith through the reading of the Word, prayer, fasting, and giving.

INNOVATIVE MINISTRIES We will remain culturally relevant through the use of creative social outlets while committed to the teachings of Christ.