Welcome To Vailsburg Assembly of God

Vailsburg AG is a family oriented church with a heart for the local community. Each week hundreds of people gather from all over the world to experience God. We have something for every member of your family, so join us!


What Should I Know?


Gatherings: Our Gatherings are 1hr and 30 Minutes in length. 1st time guest have said, "I felt so welcomed the moment I walked in." We are committed to having a culture that expresses acceptance. You will find during the gathering that we sing, pray, and teach from the Word of God.

Parking: We understand that as a City Church parking is extremely important. We have a parking lot ministry available to valet your vehicle should you choose and we have plenty of spots located in the rear of the building in our secured parking lot. Parking is also available on the public streets.

Welcome Liaisons: Upon joining us for our Gatherings we have individuals who are a part of our Welcome Liaison team that are here for you! They will answer any questions you may have, point you in the right direction and simply help you connect with Vailsburg AG. 

Attire: We really believe in the slogan, "COME AS YOU ARE." The most important thing about attire is that, "YOU ARE PRESENT."

Children:  We value the entire family. Children  (Grades PreK4 - 6th Grade) will have an opportunity to experience God in a real way.When you come into our building one of our Liaison's will direct you to our Kids Zone. This is a wonderful area for all infants, toddlers & children. During each gathering children meet in the Kids Zone for a time of worship. Parents of young infants and toddlers may wish to take advantage of our wonderful Sunlight Kids Ministry geared for young infants and toddlers. Parents wishing to stay with their infants may do so in this area. 


Our goal here at Vailsburg AG is to connect with all of our guest who walk through our doors. This is why we take time to offer a New Comers Reception. During this reception you will enjoy light refreshments, meet and greet the Pastoral Staff of VAG and are free to ask questions. New Comers Reception are offered every month. For more info about our New Comers Reception please email us at info@vailsburgag.org

 Vailsburg AG offers a special class that will help you Discover the basic principles of becoming a disciple of Jesus. This is a 4 week class that is offered Sunday's at 10am and is opened for anyone to attend.